Since 2001, founder Zach Myers has had one purpose that has driven his existence: Manufacture the best work wear and denim apparel at competitive prices while keeping every facet of the process…from conception of thought through delivery to doorstep…in the United States of America.  

In 2003, at a time when every apparel company had long fled from American soil to seek cheap labor, Zach was starting his first factory in Ohio, USA. Against all odds and 20 years later, his purpose has been not only fulfilled…but expanded upon beyond imagination. Zace USA is now represented on a world-wide scale by clientele spanning the globe and continues to grow in many sectors of the apparel industry. Between our two divisions, The Industrial and The Heritage lines, Zace USA caters to all no matter the trade, occupation or lifestyle. The result of his manifestation through tenacious perseverance and unwillingness to give up on fulfilling his American dream. 

Our core principles revolve around the following:

Purpose over profit: Our purpose has always been to keep all manufacturing in the United States while keeping our prices competitive with foreign mass-produced competitors. Without compromise, every job is kept and every dollar invested in America while supplying our loyal customers with the highest quality American sewn apparel.   

“Just In Time” USA Based Manufacturing: Ensures that production is completed efficiently. With factories in Los Angeles, California and our headquarters facility outside of Columbus, Ohio we are capable of manufacturing what is needed, when it’s needed! This eliminates waste, lowers lead time, reduces costs, and allows for strict quality control processes from start to finish of all our sewn products. 


We take pride in focusing on each customer’s desired length specifications. Our work pants and work tees are offered in many lengths and hemmed one by one as required for each order. When investing in Zace USA, you are treated with the utmost respect and appreciation. Exceeding your expectations and experience is what we thrive for and strive to achieve.

Innovation and Integrity:

We didn’t invent clothes…We innovate to make them FIT better and provide more FUNCTIONALITY with the highest quality FABRICS and materials, while focusing on using all American components where possible to support our suppliers in the USA. Integrity is everything and if the Zace label is sewn on it, rest assured that every aspect of every product from its conception, through its development and production, has been carefully crafted. Maintaining the highest degree of business ethics and apparel sourcing / construction standards, while providing transparency and accountability to YOU our customer, THE HEARTBEAT OF OUR BRAND is what we do!